Austin Millz

“Applauded for his fusion of hip-hop and dance music”


 Austin Millz has surely surpassed (but not forgotten) his roots as one of Harlem’s hometown heroes and early renegade of its genre-bending art scene. From recently performing at Quincy Jones AKG 70th anniversary to performing for Beyoncé at her special Coachella Homecoming event, Austin has been trail blazing. His music is a deeply textured coalescents of soul and dancefloor euphoria, it emblifies the different phases of a night out – the afterhour bliss, a hazy pastel sunrise. It is an expansion of the sonic vocabulary with depth and boldness that can only be truly captured in the flesh. Applauded for his fusion of hip-hop and dance music, Millz has carved out a special niche between the two realms within his unique vision and has also garnered attention for his larger than life stage presence, which has captured both local and national audiences. With an unruly energy, and an oasis of expressionist energy in live performance, Austin evokes a type of postmodern exploration that questions conventional notions of music and culture. A type of exploration in which one’s brightest light is always upon the horizon. Only watching Austin perform, as he tames every sputtering vibration with a deeply focused effortlessness, does it become clear why he has surpasses the rest.