Mountain Rose

Something is Rising…From the lush musical landscape on the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Mountain Rose is a 5-piece Cosmic Funk-Rock ensemble that has been taking audiences by storm since its inception in 2019. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Samantha Nimerov, the band fuses melodic hooks with energy to create an experience that pulls the listener in, engaging them in ways usually attributed to much more experienced acts.  Combining elements of blues, rock, funk, jazz, Americana, psychedelic rock, and reggae, Mountain Rose offers a fresh perspective on the music that inspired generations, with a sound that is as much a familiar tribute to their musical forefathers as it is relevant, unique, and forward-thinking.Mountain Rose has been hard at work – with recent performances across the Colorado front range including at the historic Boulder Theater, Cervantes Other Side, Globe Hall, and the Fox Theater.  With plans to hit the road in 2022, Mountain Rose stands poised to make waves – as they work to elevate the shared musical experience in their community and beyond. Join us!!