What is your age policy?

Please check each show to verify age policy. We have ALL AGES, 18+ or 21+ shows.

A valid government issued photo ID is required for entry. For ALL AGES shows those under 18 must be with a parent or guardian who must remain on premise throughout the show. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to monitor and control the minors they accompany. We have a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and illegal substances. If you are underage and caught drinking or using illegal substances, you will not be allowed to remain in the club and you will not be allowed back until you are 21. If you provide alcohol or illegal substances to a minor, you will not be allowed back in the club, period. Tickets will not be refunded for any violation of these policies including the use of fake IDs, or the use of IDs that do not belong to you. Such IDs will be confiscated and will be turned over to the police.