Chevy Metal

Chevy Metal was ignited in 2002 by the rhythmic prowess of Taylor Hawkins and his long time friend and musician Wiley Hodgden. Taylor, recognized worldwide as the iconic drummer for the Foo Fighters, brought a relentless energy to the stage fueled by his infectious passion for classic rock. Wiley, both singer and bass player, was the drum tech for Hawkins at this time. While playing and touring with the Foos, Taylor joined with Wiley to form Chevy Metal as a side hustle cover band that focused on quintessential rock classics mixed with deep cuts.

As the band evolved, Taylor and Wiley welcomed into the fold the extraordinary talents of guitarist Brent Woods, who is a seasoned touring / session guitarist and student of the legendary Randy Rhoads.

Chevy Metal spent the first ten years as a band playing dive bars and small clubs. Eventually, Taylor took the band from the intimate atmosphere of bowling alleys to the grandeur of arenas, festivals and even stadiums, inviting other rockstars to join in their shows. They have shared the stage with rock luminaries such as Dave Grohl, Joan Jett, and even the legendary Mick Jagger.

When the band was faced with the untimely passing of Taylor, its members came together to honor and pay tribute to him at the Taylor Hawkins Memorial shows, held at Wembley Stadium and The Forum. These were thought to be their final performances, but Taylor’s son, Shane Hawkins, decided that the band must endure, thus taking his father’s place as their drummer.

With Shane at the helm, and all the dynamic energy that comes with him, Chevy Metal continues to pay homage to the Hawkins legacy. Together, the band’s members channel the spirit of old-school rock and roll, delving into the rich soundscape of the 70s and 80s as they continue their dedication to preserving and celebrating the timeless magic of classic rock.


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